1 Game Max Galeforce 32 x Blue LED 12cm Cooling Fan
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Game Max Galeforce 32 x Blue LED

Todays computers are constantly pushing the boundaries of performance. With this increased performance comes the need for more efficient cooling systems. The Game Max Gailforce with its advanced hydraulic bearing system, allows increased airflow, while keeping the noise levels to a minimum. The rubber gaskets aid in the reduction of any noise created due to the vibration of the fan movement. The 32 LEDs allow the gamer create a unique looks to the computer system.
Detailed Info
Key Features

  • 32 x Blue LEDs
  • Rubber noise-killing design
  • Braided 3-Pin Fan and 4-Pin Molex Connectors for full compatibility
  • Retail box with window box design
  • Stylish 9-Blade Ultra Silent Fan with big air flow

  • Specifications

    Airflow:21 - 87 CFM
    Speed:600 - 1400 ± 100RPM
    Noise Level:17 - 29 dBA
    Connector:3 pin & 4 pin molex
    Bearing Type:Hydraulic bearing
    Rated Voltage:DC 12V
    Input Current:0.15A
    Rated Power:0.15 - 0.3W
    Cable Length:450mm (+50mm)

    General Specifications

    Manufacturer Part Number:GMX-GF12B
    EAN Number:5055492400635
    Has Mains Plug:No
    What's In The Box:Fan
    Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm):120mm x 25mm x 120mm (W x H x D)
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