1 Game Max Typhoon Backlit Gaming Keyboard 3 Colour LED
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Game Max Typhoon Gaming Keyboard

The Game Max Typhoon keyboard can be used in low light or dark condition, thanks to the LED backlight. The 3 colour LED gives the user the ability to select the colour of their choice (Red / Blue / Purple). The multimedia keys allow the user to do common functions (Open My Computer, open Calculator, Play / Pause media, etc) all at the youch of a button. With the additional software included, the user is able to program any standard key on the keyboard to any of the following: Different keystroke, mouse button, macro (series of keystrokes), and also they are able to different profiles, allowing for any number of key / mouse combinations to be used with one simple key press.
Detailed Info
Key Features

  • 104 Key membrane keyboard with silent key stroke
  • 10 Additional Multimedia Keys
  • 3 Colour LED backlit Gaming Keyboard
  • Full size, 3 section multimedia & gaming keyboard
  • High-profile, Ultra durable and silent keys
  • Spill or splash proof design with built in drainage, for additional protection against liquids or water
  • 1.5m highly durable cable and USB plug
  • Macro programming software CD included
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Linux

  • Choice of 3 LED Illumination Colours

    The LED illuminated keys allow for your computer to be used in low light areas. With its choice of 3 different colours, Red, Blue or Purple this keyboard will better suit your needs and your current LED light setup.

    10 Additional Multimedia Keys

    Access your most regularly-used Applications and Programs with ease with the ten additional Multimedia keys at your disposal, separated in two banks of five across the top of the keyboard for easy access.

    Spill and Splash-Proof Design for Peace of Mind

    The Game Max Typhoon has a Unique Spill and Splash-Proof Design with built in drainage, for additional protection against liquids or water.

    General Specifications

    Manufacturer Part Number:GMK-TYPHOON
    EAN Number:5055492400246
    Has Mains Plug:No
    What's In The Box:Keyboard
    Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm):472mm x 189mm x 35mm (W x H x D)
    Packaging Dimensions (mm):487mm x 37mm x 210mm (W x H x D)
    Net Weight (KGs):0.75 KGs
    Gross Weight (KGs):0.99 KGs
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