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The fashion design, GAMEMAX 6820 chassis new listing

As the leading DIY hardware production companies - Xun Yang Technology design team innovations in the chassis has done today Xiaobian to introduce new listing 6820 chassis, which uses elements of the game design, beautiful and stylish, two-color trim swaps, Intel TAC2.0 duct certification, with excellent texture design interpretation of the meaning of fashion. Xun Yang 6820 chassis as a whole is more delicate workmanship, support MICRO ATX motherboard provides two 5.25-inch 3.5-inch bit and 3-bit and 4 expansion slots, a small box of great wisdom, can support 350MM long graphics, support for SSD drives installation, in addition, at the edge of the interior also conducted a curling sheet processing, in addition to protecting users against scratches outside, but also enhance the strength and toughness of the chassis. Xun Yang 6820 chassis from the back of the chassis rear panel can understand, this chassis is mounted on the power supply design, the position of the baffle next 80MM fan left a bit, allowing users the freedom to install the fan, accelerate the discharge of internal heat. 6820 chassis front panel of the chassis through the Intel TAC 2.0 heat certification standards, specifications 12CM optional front panel cooling fan, air-cooled design, large side mesh, to meet user demand for chassis cooling. Editor''''s Choice: Xun Yang 6820 chassis work very well, solid materials, with beautiful and stylish appearance, can freely replace the trim, so Xiaobian shines, and the current offer for only 138 yuan, cost is very high, a sense of Interested friends may wish to look.
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