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GAMEMAX 2013 new Hong Kong Global Sources Show debut

Game Max / Xun Yang 2013 new Hong Kong Global Sources Show Debut
April 12-15, Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair La prelude to AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, for the electronics industry, it is undoubtedly an exciting day. The Exhibition brings together exhibitors from around the world, showing all kinds of high-tech products, innovations and production technology.
Game Max new multi-points: "Activated Carbon Steel" patented technology: a new concept of environmental health, "Activated Carbon Steel" role
1, the absorption of radiation: "Activated Carbon Steel" quality activated carbon adsorption contains a strong force, able to air radiation, electromagnetic waves, pollutants and other harmful substances adsorbed onto activated carbon, activated charcoal catalyzed by the pore capillary wave radiation, electromagnetic and other harmful gas adsorption and decomposition.
2, lower noise: "Activated Carbon Steel" quality activated carbon containing carbon particles have a small to a large area of ??carbon particles there are more small capillary hole, the noise of the computer electronic components running across the capillary hole was adsorption and decomposition, thereby reducing noise.
3, air purification: the effective removal of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases and other air.
4, high strength, high temperature embody these new Game Max Engineers' unique design, ingenuity and the tireless pursuit of health and environmental protection oriented technology. The product has been recognized and has been highly praised the majority of customers, and why not?
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