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Which is more pretty? Both contrast MICRO gaming chassis

In the entire chassis industry, a certain volume of the "big" case, although the consumer market has been in the mainstream, but with the main computer hardware - integrated motherboard increasingly high volume of more mini, in this case is in great need match the chassis, and many manufacturers took advantage of the rare opportunity to vigorously develop the corresponding product to expand the market.
North America''s famous passage gaming peripherals brand GAMEMAX, stationed in mainland China is not a long time, compared to other brands pretty old "novice", the product line is not very rich, but to grasp the market and the brand awareness of innovation is first class, such as "transparent side panel," "wiring cable management system", "Activated Carbon Steel", etc. These design concepts and patented technology. GAMEMAX for consumers prefer a quiet, small, good heat dissipation, and other major features of the game set up two MICRO box, they have their own personality, they have the same origin, Which is more pretty, Which is better touch your heart ?
From the outside, Smart (Elf) panel no other complex design, a large area of ??iron mesh panel is easy to attract the public''s attention, this design can play a good ventilation effect, effectively reducing the chassis is produced by the operation of the internal hardware temperature. Smart II (Elf 2) composite panel with ABS, curved design drawing effect, touch buttons, simple but was noble, addictive. From the rack structure, using the same frame structure. The difference is that the use of materials: Smart (Elf) using SECC Half-baked technology, bare EMI shrapnel substantial increase in the overall radiation protection. Smart II (Elf 2) using GAMEMAX global original "Activated Carbon Steel" patented material that can effectively absorb radiation, air purification, to provide more protection for the user''s health.
From a functional point of view, are taken into account the needs of gamers, standard native USB3.0; former board supports 12CM fan (fan mounted on the Smart Panel, Smart II fan installed shelves), rear support 80 / 90mm fan mounting position conducive to air circulation, provide adequate air flow to the internal hard drive, graphics cards and other hardware for efficient cooling and heat dissipation through the Intel TAC 2.0 standard certification. Both chassis support 350MM long graphics cards to meet the needs of the players fighting.
Smart II (Elf 2) has an SSD hard drive installation position. Summary: GAMEMAX two MICRO chassis, although the volume is small, but in terms of functionality and performance are very powerful MICRO gaming chassis. From the exterior design, USB3.0 interface equipped to support long graphics cards, build strong rounds fan cooling duct so on merit, enough to meet the needs of the mainstream players. At the same time, because the volume and space is very small, but also help users save space and better cater to home life. Both chassis currently has landed Jingdong Mall, actually offer are 99 yuan, people are surprised, but also very tangled,
The selection Which it? Which election will not let you down! Interested friends dare act quickly now.
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