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Wang chassis high speed USB3.0 interface GAMEMAX war

For regular copy lots of files HD players, game players, the interface configuration of the chassis is strong enough it is very important. Tainan today we bring you a king with a high-speed USB3.0 enclosure --GAMEMAX war, this case uses a patented GAMEMAX activated carbon steel materials to build, to provide more protection for the user''s health, machine the top of the body is equipped with the now popular USB3.0 interface provides great convenience for users who frequently copy files.
This case is currently in the dealer''s offer of 148 yuan, interested players may wish to take a look. Wang chassis GAMEMAX war with a full black appearance, body top and side panels are used convex design, so that the entire chassis look more three-dimensional. The front panel of the use of a large area of ??the hollow design, allowing air flow through, bring plenty of internal air flow to ensure efficient cooling. I / O interface area at the top of the fuselage set this chassis I / O interface is set at the top of the fuselage, which provides users with a set of audio interfaces, two USB2.0 interface and a USB3.0 interface, the number of interfaces and transmission speed can be good to meet the requirements of mainstream users, while the USB interface also uses a dust cover, reduce dust and take care of the details are in place.
The top of the chassis with a storage tank at the top of the chassis king GAMEMAX war set up a small storage tank, usually the user can place the U disk, keys and other small items in the top of the chassis, provide more convenience for life, pre-storage tank left a hot-swappable hard disk space interface, user-friendly interface to install hot-swappable. Wang chassis side plates using convex design GAMEMAX war with a convex design, can increase the interior space for the user to install some high tower radiator convenience.
Chassis side central location using punching design provides better cooling for the graphics card, CPU and other hardware, while supporting two 12cm 20cm fan or a fan, to meet user requirements for higher heat. Next position with power king chassis design GAMEMAX war with a now popular design power next position, when the suction power directly from the bottom of the chassis run cold, will not be affected CPU, graphics hardware, such as fever, improve the cooling efficiency. The rear of the chassis is equipped with a 12cm fan bit and two packages of cold glue hole, players can according to their actual situation to install a fan or cooling equipment, enhance the cooling capacity of the chassis.
The internal structure of the all-black chassis process, the whole space is very spacious and can support up to 400mm of graphics cards, high-end platform to meet the requirements established players, and is equipped with two 5.25-inch drive bays, four 3.5-inch drive bays and an SSD drive bays, the number of relatively abundant, but also taking into account the major players for the SSD installation position of need. Native USB3.0 interface can be locked to protect the internal hardware security Comments: Wang chassis GAMAMAX tough war in stylish, top of the fuselage with a native USB3.0 interface that provides convenience for users who frequently enough to copy the file, save valuable time. This chassis using activated carbon steel materials to build, can absorb harmful substances in the air of dust, benzene, etc., to provide more protection for the user''s health, but the function is also very mainstream, the current price at the dealer for 148 yuan, in interface, there are certain health requirements of the players may wish to consider.
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