Would You Dare, Smash Up Your Mates Pc?

Date : April 18, 2018 Author : Josh

We (GameMax UK) want to know, if there were no limits what is the most creative and crazy way gamers would destroy the worst PC they or their mates own? We don’t just want to know but we want to make it happen and to reward them for being the most bold, creative, out there and possibly raging gamer known to man. We will replace the now destroyed PC with a brand new top spec PC.
We don’t accept average and we don’t want anyone else to either, we are saying it’s time to be bold and go GTA on your sub-standard gear. Blow it up, why not? Melt it in lava on a volcano, yep. Beat it with a spoon.. we guess. This is about all the times your equipment has let you down and as a result you lost that 1v1 with your annoying mate who has to bring it up every time you are online. We are running this promotion until May 31st or we reach 5,000 entries and once a winner has been announced we will set a date for the destruction of the case. 


“This year GameMax UK is going big, we are all in on our products and we want to help grow the Esports/PC Gaming community. We are burning the temple down and building something new. We are willing to go all the way and we want to know how far the community would go given the opportunity. As that is our aim for 2018 and beyond, to provide gamers with what they need to go beyond what they had previously dared to do. We are saying, dare to win.”

You can enter by visiting the website: http://www.gamemax.club/